A Dog’s Way Home

Certificate: PG

Starring: Ashley Judd, Bryce Dallas Howard, Jonah Hauer-King

Release date: 2019

3 out of 5


Prepare for lots of canine cuteness in this family tale about a dog’s journey back to his home. Bella (voiced by Howard) is the pooch in question, who we first meet as a stray. Luckily she is rescued by Lucas (Hauer-King) and he takes her home to meet his war veteran mother (Judd). Unfortunately, Bella is part pit bull, a breed which isn’t allowed where they live, and so she is sent away to live elsewhere.

Bella must have seen The Incredible Journey, however, as she decides to make her 400 mile way back to Lucas and his mother, even if that means dodging wolves, an avalanche and various other obstacles along the way.

Based on a book by W Bruce Cameron, who also wrote A Dog’s Purpose, this is aimed squarely at dog lovers and kids who will fall in love with Shelby, the adorable dog playing Bella. If you can ignore the sometimes hokey dialogue and dodgy CGI, you’ll find the cute mutt’s adventure will tug at your heartstrings too – make sure to bring tissues.

Is A Dog’s Way Home suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

Younger viewers may be frightened during the scene when Bella meets the pack of wolves.

There is also an upsetting scene of her chained up and starving, and also walking along a dangerous road that could upset children.

Parents should also note that one character dies, and a kitten and cat are killed.

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