Bigfoot And The Hendersons

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Bigfoot And The Hendersons

Starring: John Lithgow, Kevin Peter Hall. (PG)

Release date: 1987

3 out of 5


Four years after this comic movie was made, a spin-off TV series, Harry and the Hendersons (also the film’s US title), was produced that ran for two years. While the sitcom produced a few laughs, it wasn’t a patch on the original in which John Lithgow stars as George Henderson, who, with his family in the car, accidentally hits an animal in the road. That ‘animal’ turns out to be Bigfoot (7ft tall Hall), so the Hendersons, naming him Harry, take him home to nurse him back to health – seemingly so he can then crash about their house breaking everything in sight with his ungainly paws.
That’s about it, really (there’s a subplot about a poacher, of course) but there are some terrific laughs to be had if you’re a slapstick fan as Harry wreaks havoc, and Kevin Peter Hall (who also played the predator in The Predator and its sequel) is expert at Harry’s facial expressions behind Rick Baker’s (An American Werewolf in London, Michael Jackson’s Thriller video) masterful make-up. A cute, hairy adventure to watch with younger members of the family. 

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