Batman Forever

Check out our review of Batman Forever - is it any good and how suitable is it for kids?

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Batman Forever

Starring: Val Kilmer, Nicole Kidman, Jim Carrey, Tommy Lee Jones. (12)

Release date: 1995

3 out of 5


The third nineties Batman movie (following on from Batman and Batman Returns), this was the first not to be directed by Tim Burton and it shows – it’s not as dark (shame) and instead, thanks to director Joel Schumacher, it is brasher, flashier and, well, a bit over the top. Stepping into Batman’s cape and mask (taking over from Michael Keaton) is Val Kilmer, who looks rather bland and a bit sulky as the hero with a split personality. Nicole Kidman isn’t given much to do as love interest Dr Chase Meridian, so it’s left to Jim Carrey, as the manic Riddler, and a quite frightening Tommy Lee Jones, as Two-Face, to liven things up a bit.
It’s certainly lavish and splashy in terms of effects and sets, but it’s simply not as good as the first two films. The introduction of Chris O’Donnell as Robin is a disaster (adult viewers will just want to punch him, while kids will groan at his annoying persona), and the addition of nipples to the Bat costumes is downright disturbing. What’s next, a jockstrap over Superman’s tights? 

Is Batman Forever suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

While not as dark as the first two movies, this is still best viewed by 11s and over. They may still find Two-Face’s disfigured features scary.

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