Batman And Robin

Check out our review of Batman And Robin - is it any good and how suitable is it for kids?

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Batman And Robin

Starring: George Clooney, Uma Thurman, Arnold Schwarzenegger. (PG)

Release date: 1997

2 out of 5


While Batman Forever wasn’t a wholly successful follow-up to Batman and Batman Returns, the fourth Batman film of the nineties was a complete disaster, boasting an all-star cast and a script that sounds as if it was written during someone’s tea break.
George Clooney (who, girls young and old will agree, looks dreamy) just isn’t right as Bruce Wayne/Batman – he’s better in character roles than in a big comic-book blockbuster like this and is overshadowed by a bonkers performance from Arnold Schwarzenegger as bad guy Mr Freeze. Poor Arnie has to spout dialogue like ‘Ice to see you!’ but Uma Thurman has an even worse time as former dowdy scientist turned Poison Ivy, awkwardly slinking around, mainly because there’s not much else to do. But the big boos and hisses should go to the double act of Alicia Silverstone as Batgirl and Chris O’Donnell as Robin, both blander than over-boiled chicken and just as appetising.
While pubescent boys may get a kick out of Alicia and Uma in clingy outfits, they’re the only ones likely to be amused by this dull adventure (although adults can while away the time by spotting the numerous homoerotic moments, beginning with the rather pert nipples on the Bat suit). 

Is Batman And Robin suitable for kids? Here are our parents’ notes...

This isn’t as scary as the previous Batman films, hence the PG certificate.

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