Anita And Me

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Anita And Me

Starring: Chandeep Uppal, Anna Brewster. (12)

Release date: 2002

3 out of 5


Meena (Uppal) is the twelve-year-old daughter of the only Punjabi family in an English village in the seventies. She strikes up a friendship with the outgoing Anita (Brewster), the often foul-mouthed daughter of an equally plain-speaking mother (Kathy Burke) who moves in next door. Soon they are listening to pop together, reading Jackie magazine and thinking about boys, much to the horror of Meena’s traditional parents.
Based on the novel by Meera Syal, this is packed with the clichés you’d expect from a movie that reminisces about an English summer friendship between two unlikely girls, Luckily, there’s a nice amount of humour provided by the supporting cast, which includes Meera Syal and Lynn Redgrave, and kids will no doubt have a snigger at the hideous seventies fashions. 

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