A Simple Wish

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A Simple Wish

Starring: Starring Martin Short, Kathleen Turner, Mara Wilson. (U)

Release date: 1997

3 out of 5


Adorable little Anabel (Wilson) dreams of a fairy godmother who will give her struggling actor father (Robert Pastorelli) a lead role in a Broadway play. However, instead of granting Anabel her wish, clumsy fairy godfather Murray (Short) accidentally turns her dad into a statue, and things get even worse when evil ex-fairy Claudia (Turner) and her sidekick Boots (Amanda Plummer) capture all the other fairy godmothers’ wands, leaving Murray with no one to turn to for help.
For little kids this is a sweet film that boasts some neat special effects and Martin Short’s deft comic touch. However, for anyone male past puberty, the main attraction must be a striking-looking Kathleen Turner, whose deliciously evil performance is surely too sexy for most seven-year-olds to handle. 

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