Which Great Wall warrior are you?

The Great Wall




Action packed adventure The Great Wall, starring Matt Damon, is in cinemas from today (Friday 17th February).


The film tells the story of an elite force of warriors making a valiant stand for humanity on the world’s most iconic structure, as it is attacked from a swarm of seemingly unstoppable monsters. Click here for the movies4kids review.


To celebrate the release of The Great Wall, get to know the film’s characters with our warrior quiz….


What is your choice of warrior weapon?

A – Bow and Arrow

B – A Protective Shield

C – A Sharp Spear


Which colour would you pick for your armour?

A – Heroic Red

B – Bold Brass

C – Brave Blue


Which mythical creature would you most like to defend your best place buy modafinil online country against?

A – A White Serpent

B – A Shenlong Dragon

C – A Deadly Taotie


In a battle, who would you save first?

A – Your Best Friend

B – Yourself

C – Your Country



Mostly As – William Garn



Although you do not fight for one particular flag, you know the importance of trust and team work.




Mostly Bs – Pero Tovar


You will do anything to protect your brothers, but when push comes to shove you will do what’s necessary to save yourself.




Mostly Cs – Commander Lin Mei


You are a fiercely strong leader with a team of dedicated followers who you will lead to victory.


Watch the warriors in action, as The Great Wall arrives in UK cinemas today.