20 Grossest Things Parents Do (according to their kids)



It’s Halloween today, so it’s the perfect time to find out what things we parents do that our kids find truly horrific (so we can do them some more).

The survey  of UK kids was carried out to celebrate the return of CBBC TV series Scream Street, with new episodes starting tonight at 6pm. In case you’ve never seen it, Scream Street is the horror comedy series for kids based on the book series of the same name that follows the adventures of Luke Watson, who would be a regular teenager if it wasn’t for that pesky werewolf gene!

Check out the trailer for tonight’s Halloween special by clicking here and get ready for the 20 Ways Parents Gross Out Their Kids… (how many are you guilty of?)


1. Kissing them at the school gates / in public

2. Telling them off in public

3. Wiping food off their face

4. Holding their hand

5. Sharing embarrassing photos of them

6. Farting in public

7. Telling embarrassing jokes

8. Snogging

9. Calling them a pet name

10. Playing embarrassing music

11. Telling baby stories about them

12. Trying to say cool phrases

13. Drinking wine/ beer

14. Choosing them ‘uncool’ clothes to wear

15. Talking about toilet habits

16. Picking their nose for them

17. Eating horrible food such as oysters, sushi and vegetables

18. Spending hours on the toilet

19. Dressing unfashionably

20. Showing off their baby pictures


And here’s a trailer for the first season of Scream Street…