RIP Robin Williams

Robin Williams

robin-williams1For the last hour, I have been crying over the death of someone I never met. But as I am sure many, many people do, I really feel the loss of a great talent today, that of Robin McLaurin Williams – comedian, actor and Oscar winner. Friends, colleagues, even US President Barack Obama, have paid tribute to him, while newspapers have added moving obituaries to their websites. There is little I can add apart from sending my sincere condolences to his wife and family and those who had the privilege to know him. All I offer is this – watch Good Morning Vietnam, Insomnia, The World According To Garp, The Fisher King and Good Will Hunting to see his extraordinary talent at work (and if you can, catch Mork & Mindy, the TV series that made him famous which I loved as a kid), and if you have children, just show them these movies and watch them laugh…







The Academy Of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ sad tweet on the news of Robin William’s death: