Five Movie Spin-Offs For Kids That Are Worth Watching…

Kung Fu Panda

Do your kids want to watch the same movie, over and over again? If you’re lucky, there will be a TV spin-off of your child’s favourite movie so they can catch new episodes and learn more about the characters they love the most. There are tons of mini movies and TV series available on TV and DVD out there, from Monsters Vs Aliens to Madagascar spin-offs, and here is the Movies4Kids pick of five of the best to keep your children occupied when you just can’t sit through How To Train Your Dragon one more time…


9IKYRKkLego Marvel Superheroes – Maximum Overload

If your kids have been playing the Lego Marvel Superheroes video game, they will love the animated TV movie, in which Loki challenges the superheroes to save the world from his evil plans. Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, Nick Fury and Wolverine all make appearances, and there is a great sense of fun to the adventure, too. Ideal for kids into the Marvel universe who aren’t quite old enough to see the live action movies yet (as many of them are 12A certificates). Parents should listen out for a cameo from Marvel Comics’ Stan Lee. This mini movie is available to watch on Netflix.



Lego-Star-Wars-The-Yoda-Chronicles-Episode-4-Escape-from-the-Jedi-TempleLego Star Wars: The Yoda Chronicles

Another Lego animated spin-off, and a brilliant one at that. There have been four episodes aired on Cartoon Network so far, and each one is hilarious, both for young and grown-up Star Wars fans. There are tons of in-jokes, the animation is terrific and the adventures are fun. Note that another animated Star Wars spin-off, The Clone Wars, is shown on Cartoon Network, too. Both Clone Wars and Yoda Chronicles are also available to buy on DVD.



Turbo_FAST_posterTurbo Fast

A cute TV series for younger kids (under 7s) who loved the 2013 movie about a snail who became superfast and competed against racing cars. The bright, flashy animated show picks up as Turbo and his snail pals head to Starlite City, where they learn new stunts and have fun adventures. Turbo Fast is exclusive to Netflix.



sourced-imageDragons: Defenders Of Berk

With the second How To Train Your Dragon movie opening on July 4, kids will be clamouring to catch up with the spin-off TV series that features Hiccup, his pals and the adorable dragon Toothless. Known as Riders Of Berk in the US, the series is now on its second season and 40th episode. The show is broadcast on Cartoon Network and is also available on DVD.



KungFuPandaLegendsOfAwesomenessPoster.jpgKung Fu Panda: Legends Of Awesomeness

A spin off of the martial arts comedy adventure from 2008, this Nickelodeon animated series stars Po the chubby Panda and fellow animal karate choppers the Furious Five as they defend the Valley Of Peace from various villains. It doesn’t have as much humour as the original, but kids who liked the movie will enjoy Po’s entertaining adventures. The series is also available on DVD.