We love the Minions! And they came to Manchester!


My son Danny is counting the days until he gets to see Despicable Me 2, and on a recent trip to Toys R Us in New York, I accidentally knocked over a display with my shoulder bag as I rushed across the store to cuddle a toy version of one of the minions from the movie – his eyes light up! he talks! but I couldn’t buy him as he wouldn’t fit in my suitcase! (Danny was more impressed by the fart gun that makes a hilarious noise and a banana smell – but I told him that wouldn’t fit in my suitcase either).

And over the bank holiday weekend last month, the cute minions even took part in the BUPA Great Manchester Run as you can see from the photos below:


Waiting001 Race End005 Start001


Despicable Me 2 opens in cinemas at the end of this month (June 28) and here’s a trailer to get you in the mood: