Five Things I Want To Steal From The 2013 Oscars…

Oscars 2013

The Academy Awards are over for another year, and it wasn’t a bad ceremony at all (especially as a few things I wanted to win actually did – big congratulations to Quentin and Christoph for Django Unchained, Ben Affleck and team for Argo, Adele for Skyfall and Paperman for Best Animated Short – it’s the one you see before Wreck-It Ralph in cinemas and it’s lovely). Here are the five things I would like to steal from the Oscars while no one is looking…


1) Charlize Theron’s dance moves (and Channing Tatum as my dance partner)




2) Ted (and Mark Wahlberg) for the jokes



3) Jennifer Aniston’s dress (and her figure…)

85th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals


4) The gorgeous Adele’s hair and make-up



5) Daniel Radcliffe & Joseph Gordon Levitt’s adorable soft-shoe

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth MacFarlane, Daniel Radcliffe