RIP Gerry Anderson

Gerry Anderson




I was lucky enough to interview Gerry Anderson back in 1994 for a TV series he was working on called Space Precinct. A friendly, sweet and fascinating man, we chatted about the shows he was known for, such as Stingray and Space 1999, as well as his new project. More than a decade later I really wanted to call him and let him know a new generation – my son – had fallen in love with his best-known series, Thunderbirds (he had once said in an interview he was disappointed his own son preferred Doctor Who!), and that we had scoured school secondhand toy sales and eBay for Thunderbirds toys that were now being lovingly played with and cared for (and carefully repaired after a friend’s sibling ripped the heads and limbs off all the poor, tiny Tracy brothers).

Gerry Anderson sadly died today, aged 83, but he and his wonderful Supermarionation puppet characters will always be remembered.