Half Term Helper!

Not sure what movie to take the kids to over this half term week? Here’s my list of the movies out there in cinemas – in best to worst order:

1) Journey 2: The Mysterious Island – mums, it has The Rock in it. And his manly chest. Kids, it’s fun, not scary, and a great adventure for the over-5s… Movies4Kids review: Journey 2


2) The Muppets – one for all ages but grown-ups will love it the most. Movies4Kids review: The Muppets




3) War Horse – if it’s still on at your local, this is a weepie the whole family can sob through. For over 8s, though, as younger kids may find some of the scenes too upsetting. Movies4Kids review: War Horse.

If it’s no longer on, Big Miracle (Drew Barrymore saving the whales) isn’t bad either. Movies4Kids review: Big Miracle

4) A Monster In Paris – not the best animated movie by any means, but cute enough. Very little ones may find the human-sized flea too frightening. Movies4Kids review: Monster In Paris


5) The Phantom Menace in 3D – The 3D is not worth the extra ticket price and the movie hasn’t improved over time. But if your child loves all things Star Wars, and hasn’t seen this on the big screen, it’s still impressive to look at even if the story (especially the tax stuff) is duller than Obi-Wan’s mud-brown robes… Movies4Kids review: Phantom Menace


Have a great half term… and don’t forget to enter the Movies4Kids Dolphin Tale DVD competition!