The Wombles Are Back!

One of my favourite TV programmes as a young sprog was The Wombles. I loved the idea of them using all the everyday things folks left behind, and even made a cardboard box covered in sweet wrappers as a house for my little collection of mini Womble figures that I was given for Christmas one year. (Anyone that knows me would find this an impressive feat as I am not exactly Mister Maker when it comes to arts and crafts).

Anyway, that classic song, Wombling Merry Christmas, is getting a 2011 re-release on December 12th, while ‘The W Factor’, a Wombles greatest hits album is out on Monday (28th November). We’ll forgive them the dodgy cash-in album title just because those Wombles are so darned cute (and slightly cool – they did play Glastonbury, after all).

Here’s the video for Wombling Merry Christmas – featuring a couple of Jedward-esque Wombles. What would Uncle Bulgaria think?